We believe in mutually beneficial agreements. Our work should benefit you. Even writers need to pay bills, but we aim to keep our fees affordable.


The below prices are valid for most types of short work; specialized writing that will require a large part of research might warrant a different fee. Long-term contracted projects and bigger works have special rates.


Hourly pricing


This is a good way to price long-term contracted relationships, whether it's about social media, blog posts, or something else. We like to work as partners, helping you reach your goals. In order to do so it is important to define what you want done along with the end purpose, and to set realistic time frames.


Other factors that affect the end pricing include type of assignment, whether it is a ghostwriting project or published under the writer's name, amount of research involved, and similar.


Pricing per written word


This type of fee is useful in short project such as blog posts. Depending on subject and length of post, pricing starts at a few cents per word.


Pricing per project


There are many types of projects where it's difficult to estimate time consumption up front. In these cases, pricing the entire project might be beneficial for both parties. Examples of projects where this can be suitable include catalogs and other larger print projects, content editing, and video editing. 


Knowing what something will cost up-front gives peace of mind, and choosing the right type of pricing helps. Costs for stock photos and stock videos, external contractors necessary for a portion of the project, and similar can be embedded in the total, or specified, depending on preference. Naturally, imagery and services are only purchased after approval. 


If you need help finding a suitable photographer, programmer, or printing company we have many contacts in the industry and would be happy to refer you.